Of the Heavy Sun

by Of the Heavy Sun

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All songs were written and recorded by Of the Heavy Sun. All songs mixed and mastered by Samuel Emerick at Dingo House Records. OTHS would like to thank our...selves, we did all the work.


released June 27, 2015

Samuel Emerick, James Rose.



all rights reserved


Of the Heavy Sun Seattle, Washington

Of the Heavy Sun is a duo consisting of drummer/vocalist Samuel Thomas Emerick and James Rose on guitar/bass/vox. The debut album is available on Spotify and digitally on all other major online stores.

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Track Name: Intro
See me leaning on the hillside,
give me some bullets, trying to get right.
The wolves are running into Tuscon.
I'll take my body, shove it straight into the ocean.
Track Name: Superfreak99'
Holy smokes I've been sitting here,
twiddling for days,
I've got my face in my hands,
but my head's in the clouds,
it's all I could do today.
You gotta educate yourself,
make it hard to tell,
you try to put me on the shelf,
I can't contain myself.
On my tippy toes all the way,
a smile on my face will do.
everyone in the world is changing,
everyone but you.
Well I be back through hell.
There's nothing left to say about it.
You try and put me on the shelf,
I can't contain myself.
hoo hoo hoo, wha aaa aaaa a.
Track Name: Save the Kids For Food
Caroline and chamomile candles,
I'm gone away.
So we jumped off,
and went out on our own,
to mellow out and got ourselves too far,
and we're already gone...
Then we woke up,
laying in the grass,
always so gone.
Keep your eyes open,
when you walk by,
try and stay a while,
try to not die.
When you walk by.
So we went out, all night.
Spirit of blood.
but no one acts on it, for fear of whats above.
Little ones all dress up, already gone.
Save the kids for food,
Satan explodes.
to tell everyone, your already,
already, already gone.
Track Name: White Lightning
I have seen you on the, television,
I have seen you on my, TV screen,
I have heard you on my, radio station,
time has not been, good to you.
White lightning.
I have felt you staring, back at me,
I have wandered lately, with no where to be.
I have seen you on my, television,
time has been a, nightmare for you.
Track Name: Reverse
I want to live my life in reverse,
don't know what happened, or what came first.
The skies opened up, and quenched my thirst.
I want to live my life in reverse,
you say that its a gift, it feels like more of a curse.
Stumbling for miles, trying to find my way back.
Making up for time, with the sleep that we, lack.
Track Name: Primal Affection
Never again,
drive through a fence,
it bends it never ends.
You seem better than you were before,
I can't be sure.
Never again.
My primal affection,
bring it back alone.
When we were dead,
you were my friend,
I think were lost again.
I think the clothes would be better, off.
Never again.
They say your meant to roam,
when you're all alone,
no where else to go.
When you're young,
when you're gone I wont be comin' back around,
hang it back now.
Track Name: Green Jacket
Wish I would have met you,
in a different circumstance,
and I know i wont forget who,
laid the cards and you you raised the hands.
render me a sinking ship,
far from coast and far from shore
I don't know if ill make it out of this,
or if my heart shall beat no more.
But I want to separate,
come around again,
I wont forget your eyes.
and if you want a breakdown,
its alright.
well if you want, yeah if you want.
Track Name: Camping in Alaska With a Wet Sleeping Bag
sit around and talk a lot,
sit around and smoke some pot.
never would i wanna go,
never learned to like it slow.
bet you thought you were on your way home,
i can tell your all alone,
do you even know where i come from?
or where I belong?
I belong to the heavy sun.
do you hear all the machines?
making their way down to Queens?
never met you,
never do.
never made it awkward and true!
see you on the other side,
unless we all just run and hide,
oh my god you see me in your head!
I belong to the heavy sun.
all we gots a lot a lot of time...
oh oh oh yeah,
Ill see you on the other side,
way on the other side.
that's where I belong, that's where I belong.
Track Name: Dreams of Nanna
I'm like everyone that eats and sleeps all day,
put my thumbs up namaste,
and I'd be wasted in the evening when you'd come home,
funny ceiling slows its own.
Ironically this changes meaning so sweet.
just keep dreaming and you'll see.
and four steps back my friends are pleading just to slow down,
but I can see there's more than sound.
It seems my mind was burned out like this before,
I felt the colors for more,
Guess I'm up off the floor.
and id be wasted in the morning when you wake up,
always try my hand to see.
a person walking on these egg shells all night,
i know I'm walking i just cant see.
heaven, have you seen its coming,
have you seen whats coming?
I felt the colors, I felt the colors more,
It seems I'm burned out before,
guess I'm up off the floor.
Track Name: Garage Music For the Disenfranchised Youth
your eyes always full of shame,
your kicking me out, kicking me out right now.
and never mind your lack of sense,
got one time, two time, three time never again.
Oh far out now,
I'm not letting up, your king me out.
when you always walk away,
you got people to see, people to blow,
you got people to pay.
comatose laying in the bed,
there's a party in the back gotta get it, get till' your dead.
Track Name: End
Coming back around,
to places Ive been before, not sure,
times moving way to fast, like last night,
on the way home,
I roamed these vacant streets alone,
coming back down.
its okay, just shrug it off, and get high another day now.
coming back around,
going downtown.